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About Bookywoo

Bookywoo is a family run business based in the Illawarra, NSW.

Bookywoo's founder, Lydia Smith is an award winning designer who is passionate about functional art and design.

Meet Lydia. 

Hi, I am super glad you stopped by.

Every business story is different, here is a bit about ours:

My kids are the wonderful inspiration for our quiet books.

I initially made the first book for my daughter Florence when she was just two.  

As a designer, mum of 2 and the daughter of 2 primary school teachers I wanted to make something that focused on old school learning. 

I wanted the books to be eye catching, modern, bright, engaging, challenging and full. So full that our little Einsteins stay engaged for longer!

We made a small number of books at first and it grew from there. We love serving such a beautiful community and feel proud to be part of something special. 

Providing tactile activities that require the use of hands, eye’s and minds is a remarkable way to stimulate kids senses, accelerate their learning and encourage the wonderful sentiments of engagement and practice.  

Bookywoo Quiet Book Benefits:

  • Creative play
  • Attention span and focus
  • Develop fine motor skills
  • Encourage problem solving
  • Enhance creative thinking
  • Introduce pre-reading skills
  • Utilise Finger isolation 
  • Hand eye co-ordination
  • Reach and grasp development
  • Hand manipulation 
  • Develop Life skills 

We can’t wait to open this exciting new chapter and begin to share a story with your precious child.

xx Lydia 



What is a Quiet Book?

Sometimes called a busy book, quiet book, felt book or a Montessori book; they are fabric books that have different finger based activities on each page. They are great for keeping your child entertained while developing their skills. 


What are your books made out of?

Polyester Felt, sometimes wool felt and accessories such as zips and buttons etc. 


I have lost some pieces; can I get replacements?

Yes - simply contact us on our website using the "contact us" form or drop us a line at Bookywoo on Instagram or Facebook. 


What age do you recommend your books for?

Our books vary in age and skill level. You can find more information about the age recommendation on each product page. 


What if I change my mind?

No problem! We have a 30 day money back and exchange policy just for you. 


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